Equipping individuals, families, and communities for sustainable development

Lifeline Nehemiah Projects builds community through...


The Nehemiah School

Serving children from deprived communities in Freetown and Punduru.

The Betteh Tumara Vocational Skills Institute

Training young people using a unique combination of learning a trade while mentoring in Lifeline’s STEADI values.



Serving children from deprived communities in Freetown and Punduru.

Blood Donation

Mobilising in Freetown for the only maternity referral hospital.

Coconut Farm Community Clinic

A dignified health clinic in the heart of the community, reducing health risks for teenage pregnant girls, women, and under-fives.


Agricultural Punduru

Taking a community-led approach to equipping rural farmers in literacy and numeracy, enabling them to move out of subsistence farming.


A learning community that is intentionally and faithfully hospitable and welcoming, inclusive and diverse.

The Nehemiah Family

Hosting girls and boys who are unable to live with their birth families for a variety of reasons.

Our vision is to see orphaned children and disadvantaged young adults, women, and girls in Sierra Leone thrive in safe communities and contribute to their communities in meaningful ways. We seek to find solutions to the challenges of poverty by equipping individuals, families, and communities for sustainable development.
Prince Tommy Williams
Executive Director
people impacted through Lifeline Nehemiah Projects


teenage pregnant/mothers through 2YL programme
voluntary blood doners
farmers trained in literacy and numeracy
young people supported through the LifeLine Nehemiah Home

Creating a legacy

Lifeline Nehemiah Projects have been making impact in Sierra Leone since 1992 and now work in 6 districts in urban and rural settings, responding to the issues identified by communities and working with them to solve problems

Watch this video to see our vision worked out in one farming community 

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