Over 300 pregnant adolescent girls have been mentored by 2YL mentors since 2017 with no maternal deaths in that time.

“2YoungLives has got to be the most impactful intervention I have ever witnessed. It turns around lives in the most phenomenal and efficient way and I would prioritise this over anything! All power to you. We must expand this.”

Professor Andrew H Shennan OBE, Professor of Obstetrics, Kings College London

Sierra Leone is one of the most dangerous places to give birth, but for teenagers the risk is even higher. A household survey in 2015 in Eastern Freetown showed that 1 in 10 pregnant under-18 year olds had died.

2YoungLives is our response; we train local women as volunteers to support girls to both survive their birth and thrive as a young mother to pursue education.

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Thriving not just surviving

Hannah's Story

Hannah (not photographed) is an orphan and lived with her grandmother who is disabled. She became pregnant at 15 with an older man who offered to pay her school fees, but he ran away when she told him about the pregnancy.

One of the 2YL mentors saw her crying in the market and talked to her about being mentored. She was given a small business start-up and started selling phone top-ups. She registered with the local health centre and came along to the 2YL monthly meeting where she made friends.

Four years on, she is a confident mother and has trained to be an electrician through a 2YL bursary. She is working and supports her child and grandmother. She has thrived, not just survived.

'I want to thank 2YoungLives for supporting me and my child. You encouraged me not to see my life as over, but to have hope.'

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