Team visit from LifeLine UK

This past month we were delighted to welcome a team of six people from Lifeline Network International UK, including Avril McIntyre, Owen Jaques, Jack & Sophie Easter, Anne Smith and Teah Baiden.

They spent quality time engaging in a variety of activities with the Primary School teachers and pupils, the Nehemiah Home boys and girls, our Lifeline Church leadership and its members, and the 2 Young Lives (2YL) group here in Freetown.

Their activities included a great deal of hands-on training and involvement aimed at building up, encouraging and motivating the teachers in our schools, the leaders and young people in our youth and children’s groups, and those involved in our women’s group.

Lots of photos were taken during the various sessions, too many to display them all here but you will see some of them linked with and scattered through the following sections, but here is a taster for you…