Plans, Successes & Challenges

Plan: by 2024 we plan to celebrate the birthdays of each Nehemiah boy or girl, developing a calendar to display the birthday of each individual throughout the year.

Plan: to gather funds in order to purchase new beddings, toiletries, underwear, shoes, and more food for the Nehemiah boys and girls.

Plan: to buy fabric and sew clothes for the Nehemiah boys and girls as part of the Christmas celebration.

Plan: To ensure that we can keep serving our beneficiaries, we need to search for more opportunities to secure additional funding.

Success: LNP and its CEO received national recognition for the positive impact they are making in the lives of vulnerable people and sustainable development in Sierra Leone

Success: the LNP leadership is thankful to its funders and partners for their continued support towards its vision.

Challenge: the impact of COVID-19, the global economy, and climate issues continue to pose a significant barrier to accessing funds and have a significant negative impact on our beneficiaries.