2YoungLives – 2YL

Despite the holiday season there has still been lots of activity for 2YoungLives!

A total of seventy-three girls have now returned to school or their vocational training having received their bursary to buy uniform, shoes and books.

As part of her PhD, Mangenda Kamara has started a photovoice project. This involves providing mentees with phones and enabling them to use photos to talk about their individual stories within their community. The photo here shows a group of mentees from Bo receiving some training for this project.


Finally, Mangenda KamaraLucy November and Dr Cristina Fernandez-Turienzo, from King’s College London (KCL), represented 2YL at the USL/CRIBS National Maternal Health Conference in Freetown, with Mangenda speaking on the theme: Advancing Maternal Care in Sierra Leone: Innovations and Collaboration.