Fight Against Kush and Substance Abuse

Lifeline continues to collaborate with community stakeholders and other sectors, especially pastors, in the ongoing battle against the Kush epidemic.

In the Tombo community our Executive Director, Prince Tommy Williams, engaged with the community on the severe effects of Kush, not only on our young people but also on the economy of Sierra Leone.

These young people, who represent the current and future potential labour force of our nation, are being decimated in numbers as so many of them continue to engage in taking Kush, despite the known health emergency declaration made by our President.

In another effort to address this significant issue Prince Tommy Williams was invited, together with the Chairman of the Police Partnership Board, Wellington, and the Inspector General of Police at the Kissy Barack Police Division, to the launch of the Kush Not Good program, and he is pleased to report that the meeting was well attended.

Prince Tommy Williams is always continuing to challenge the young people he encounters saying, Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young”, in the realisation that, for our youth to believe in themselves, there needs to be a serious mindset shift because the common traditional beliefs appear to lack strong faith in these young people, the future of our nation, Sierra Leone.