Lifeline Church

As we seek to pursue our mission of investing in the young people, along with supporting and caring for the widows, orphans and disadvantaged people within the Church, the LNP leadership team continue to be greatly thankful for, and appreciative of, the continued support towards our work in Sierra Leone, from the leadership of Lifeline Network International UK (LNI) and the entire church family in the UK.

As result of their recent generous financial support, the LNP leadership was able to support many of the Church members, especially those widows, orphans and families who are currently facing extremely challenging financial constraints, particularly when it comes to providing for food. The team were able to distribute some essential food items including bags of rice, cooking oil, bags of sugar, pepper,  onions, gari, and so on.

Part of this donation will be used to procure food items for the Nehemiah Home boys and girls for this new year and in addition, settle some more school and university tuition fees. We hope it will also enable us to give small business start-up monies to some of widows in the Church.


On a more sobering note we sadly lost one of our church members, Mohamed Bangura, who was diagnosed with pneumonia and admitted to Connaught Hospital, but later died and was buried on January 19th. He leaves a widow and four children who will be added to our list.