Education: Nursery, Primary, Junior and Secondary Schools

Schools reopened on January 8th, 2024, and effective learning starting. For this second term, a meeting of the Carers & Teachers Association (CTA) was convened on Saturday, January 20th.

On Tuesday, January 23rd, a team from the Innovation for Poverty Action/Vision Action (IPA/VA) visited the school. These are two organisations that are helping school children with eyesight problems.

On a previous visit, a team had carried out series of eyesight tests among the Junior Secondary School (JSS) students, focusing on those pupils who exhibited problems with their vision. This second team also carried out some tests, identifying eight JSS pupils with vision problems, across the three year groups: JSS1 – 4; JSS2 – 2; JSS3 – 2.

Of these, one of the JSS2 pupils was referred to Connaught Hospital for an operation due to the serious nature of the case, with the IPA/VA group funding the total costs involved. The remaining pupils received some medication, and filled forms until the team’s next visit to the school.