Lifeline Nehemiah Home

All the Nehemiah boys and girls are continuing to remain strongly connected to the Lifeline Nehemiah Family, enjoying love, care and holistic support through the LNP leadership team, in association with our partners, and friends. With the schools now on break, the Nehemiah boys and girls who reside on the LNP compound have started enjoying their Christmas/New Year holiday and, together with the Nehemiah Home management team, are planning indoor and outdoor activities for the entire family. One of the activities that will be taking place as part of the holiday plan is a trip for the younger ones to a playground by Aberdeen beach, as suggested to the management team by Rose Dawn Kamara, the youngest resident in the Nehemiah Home. Together with the Nehemiah Home management, the boys and girls will be taking time to reflect on the goodness of God throughout this year, and take opportunity to testify of their experiences – feedback on all these December activities will be included in the January 2024 Newsletter.