Lifeline Betteh Tumara Technical & Vocational Institute

LNP continues to invest in young people across five disciplines: Hospitality, Plumbing, ICT, Electrical Installation and Auto Mechanics.

Currently 108 young people, having completed the 2022/2023 academic year with Bettah Tumarah (BT), are preparing for their graduation on March 30th. Some of the trainees have already secured full-time jobs or developed their self-employed business opportunities prior to their graduation.

The BT management team is now actively preparing the current cohort of 160 trainees to be sent out for internships. Working with more than 45 different employers across Sierra Leone requires trainees to be prepared to go to more distant districts such as Bo, Kenema, Port Loko and Kono District, as well as the Western Area of Freetown.

The internship part of the training is considered crucial as it helps the students gain more of the vital hands-on practical experience at an industry level, in their chosen discipline.

However, the BT management team is facing several financial challenges, including printing ID cards for the trainees and covering overhead costs. This is because most of the trainees have not yet paid their tuition fees, with the exception of those who are on the 2024 Scholarship Scheme.