Lifeline Nehemiah Nursery, Primary, Junior & Senior Secondary Schools

At the beginning of February, the school management team conducted a 2-day workshop which was attended by a cross-section of the LNP and school department staff – in total 40 staff and volunteers.

The various school departments have recently conducted the following activities:

  • The first tests of Term 2
  • The mid-term break from February 15th to 16th

The annual Nursery Inter-House sports meeting was held on February 24th where children took part in various sporting activities, allocated to the three House Colours of Mauve, Pink and Yellow. The event was well attended by parents, and the children and teachers had lots of fun, as evidenced by these photos…

On a more sombre note, the school management team continues to face some challenges since the majority of parents are unable to pay the school charges for their children, primarily due to the current financial challenges they are facing.

By extension, this affects the payment of teachers’ salaries and the smooth flow of plans. For example, the sports event was almost cancelled, but the LNP leadership stepped in with some timely aid and loans, for which all involved were extremely thankful.

Similar underlying constraints also affect the future plans for taking the Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary school students on a field trip in March.