Shadows of Kush: A Lament for Sierra Leonean Youths

In the shadows of Kush, where darkness reigns,
Sierra Leonean youths bear silent pains.
Their dreams eclipsed by a deadly blight,
Caught in a struggle, a relentless fight.

Mama Salone weeps, her heart heavy with woe,
As Kush’s grip tightens, stealing futures aglow.
Lamentations rise for the children lost,
To the shadows of Kush, at a terrible cost.

Young souls adrift in a sea of despair,
Hope fading fast in the poisoned air.
But in the midst of sorrow, a spark aglow,
A call to arms, a resolve to overthrow.

United we stand against Kush’s might,
With courage and love as our guiding light.
For the youths of Sierra Leone, we raise our voice,
In the shadows of Kush, we make a choice.

To fight for their future, to break the chains,
And banish the shadows where darkness reigns.
A lament we sing, a prayer we weave,
For Sierra Leonean youths, in whom we believe.

Shadows of Kush, may your grip soon fade,
As unity and strength come to their aid.
In the hearts of the young, a flame will burn,
A beacon of hope for which we yearn.

So rise, O youths, in the face of despair,
Know that we stand with you, showing we care
In the shadows of Kush, a new dawn will rise,
And in its light, our hopes will realise.

May this lament be heard, may it ring true,
As we fight for a future bright and new.
Shadows of Kush, your time will pass,
For Sierra Leonean youths, we raise our glass.