Lifeline Nehemiah Nursery, Primary, Junior & Senior Secondary Schools

The schools resumed on April 15th, following the Easter holiday period, marking the first week of the third term.

On April 20th the schools management team organised an extracurricular activity in the form of a field trip for Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary students, together with several parents, to Biango Farm, located on the outskirts of Freetown.

On the day two large buses were hired and a total of 491 individuals attended and, while many parents could afford the three hundred new Sierra Leonean Leones (NLE 300) transportation costs and purchase of polo shirts for their children, some parents were not able to afford the fee – which is approximately £12 per child. As a result of the financial constraints faced by their parents, some students were disappointed at being unable to participate in the event, despite really wanting to do so.

Khadoja Kamara Keynote Speaker

Those who were able to attend the field trip, including parents, teachers and students, expressed satisfaction and had a good time together.

In other news, the Class Six students will take their final mock exams on April 26th as the schools management team prepares them for the National Primary School Examination (NPSE), scheduled to take place on May 4th.