Lifeline Betteh Tumara Technical & Vocational Institute (BT)

This update will provide some reflection on March, including the graduation of 129 students who successfully completed the 2022/2023 vocational training year in the various disciplines of Hospitality, Plumbing, ICT and Electrical Installation.

The BT management is currently in the process of preparing ID cards for students and engaging in discussions with employers for the 2023/2024 cohort to embark on internships.

Prince Tommy Williams, CEO of LNP, met with the management teams from EDSA Kenema and EDSA Bo to discuss how to strengthen relationships between the institutions and deepen ties among partners as we all work to complement the efforts of the government of Sierra Leone.

Mr Musa Hakawa Ngevo, Chief Superintendent of EDSA Kenema, stated, “Lifeline is one of our reliable partners, and the work LNP is doing aligns with the agenda of the President of Sierra Leone, focusing on building human capital”.

We are delighted to confirm that the management of the Kenema Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has requested Lifeline BT management to send 10 students for internships this year.