Punduru Community

On April 2nd, during his visit to the Punduru Church, Prince Tommy Williams, CEO of LNP, engaged with the Punduru community stakeholders.
Most of them expressed their concern that it had been a while since he had last visited Punduru and that they would like him to visit more regularly, to engage with them and discuss life and development issues.

They commended Lifeline for empowering the community, noting that many of the positive initiatives introduced by Lifeline are now being utilised to develop the Punduru village community, especially in strengthening family and marital relationships.

As a result many young people are building new houses and installing mini solar panels on their houses, all a consequence of a shift in mindset and the increased production of cash crops.

These community representatives also expressed other concerns, especially with words to the effect, We want Lifeline to help us in the fight against Kush drugs. Our children are dying, and some of the youths have become qualified thieves due to drug addiction. Please do not forget us; we seek your continued support”.

Chief Edward Robin Ngawo of the Punduru community said, “Before Lifeline’s intervention, heads of families in the Punduru community used to buy large electronic items despite the lack of stable electricity in the community. They would marry multiple wives, engage in drunkenness, and spend extravagantly on secret society activities. However, now most family heads are investing their money in their families, building houses, and the Punduru village is rapidly expanding. After this meeting, let’s take a walk around the village so I can show you the number of new houses the community members are building”.