Lifeline Nehemiah Home

During the wait for the release of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results, the Nehemiah Home boys and girls have been actively engaged in various activities including Joel Thomas Karim with IT, Musu Sesay with hairdressing and Esther Bangura supporting the Nursery School staff.

The other Home boys and girls have now started their 2023/2024 academic year studies at various levels, including Rose Dawn Kamara in Year 3 and Ramatu Sesay in Senior Secondary Year.

The WASSCE results analysis for the Home boys and girls has proved varied with Prince Turay and Esther Bangura receiving 8 credits and 7 credits, respectively, but for now the results for Joel Thomas Karim and Musu Sesay have been withheld.

With support Lifeline Network International UK (LNI), the LNP leadership team was able to buy sufficient food for the Home boys and girls to last until January next year.

However, it’s important for you, our faithful supporters, to understand that the team still has a numbers of concerns over other areas of need to be able to better care for these young people in the coming months, including such things as clothing, medical supplies, education materials, bedding, sanitary pads and toiletries for the girls, etc – the daily necessities so easily taken for granted!

During their visit the UK team spent as much time as possible engaging with the young people in the Home, and here is just one of the many photos taken…