Betteh Tumara Agriculture Project

In Punduru Community, LNP continues to consolidate the gains made through supporting the local farmers and community leaders in developing best and improved agricultural practices, and also in the continued education covering better care for the community’s children, especially the females.
Currently, Lifeline is continuing to farm and maintain more than five acres of land producing cocoa and plantain crops.

Through LNP’s continued investment into the community some amazing stories continue to unfold, with farmers being enabled to encourage their children to attend school especially, unlike in the past, the female children, in addition to which the Community stakeholders, including the chiefs, are challenging the practice of initiation of under 18’s into the secret society.

A desk review by Hana Wahsh, an International Development Masters student, of the developments since the grant from the Big Lottery Fund ended in 2019.  You can read the report here.